Below you will see 2 graphs. One (red) represents Service, the other (blue) represents Parts. We polled 81 dealerships in the US across 23 different states, from coast to coast and port to port. The simple metric we are looking at is Volume. Repair Orders opened, and Parts Invoices opened during each of the 52 weeks of this year. We will continue to recap the monthly volumes on the first business day of the month for the previous month.

Do you know what the trend in your Volume Indicators currently is? Which Influencing factors are you seeing and feeling within your dealership? Look at the areas of your Dealership that are seeing volume growth, and ask if you’re staffed correctly, or if there is a way to repurpose your staff to drive your business and profitability forward. Know where you’re going and communicate to your team with confidence and transparency so they can do their part to move the Dealership forward.


Contact KEA Advisors today, let’s have a conversation. We have the experience and resources to support you as you put together the right Business plan and sustainable ways to impact your Total Absorption even during these challenging times.

Service Volume Indicators 1/31/2021

*Note that for Repair Orders that are open, Labor Sales are not fully accounted for in the most recent weeks.

Parts Volume Indicators 1/31/2021

2020 Volume Indicators.png