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Health Checks

Cash is King – always. Having cash in the bank – now and growing in the future - is always rule 1 with any business. Our Health Checks will identify specific opportunities for each department as well as your entire dealership to increase your cash flow now and in the future.

The mission of KEA Advisors is to increase PROFIT for commercial dealerships by transforming their business operations to best in class. The concepts of maximizing total absorption while having an accurate and high velocity balance sheet are our core beliefs. 

Our virtual department and dealership Health Checks provide detailed analysis of gross profit increase, expense reduction, asset performance improvement, reporting, waste reduction, internal control and other areas of your business to help you identify and pinpoint actions you need to take. Our advisors are industry experts, with the experience and knowledge who can help you take the analysis and implement solutions to lead your team to success. 

Contact us today to get started with your parts inventory health check., or email Amber at to discuss how we can partner with your dealership.

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