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You are invited to attend the KEA Leader Forum, the event that gathers trailblazers like you in the commercial dealership industry, to talk about leadership and change. Join this exclusive group of dealers and industry experts for this exciting inaugural event brought to you by KEA Advisors. Enjoy stimulating discussion, panels, and workshops with industry experts, system providers, CPA firms, hiring experts, economists, and industry veterans.


About the KEA Leader Forum

The changes that are taking place in our industry are occurring at a pace that we have never seen before.  More importantly, the magnitude of these changes is also unprecedented.  New product technologies like electric vehicles, fuel cell technologies and autonomous vehicles are featured in Transport Topics every month.  The business models of the dealership industry are evolving as your customers look for new ways to balance real estate costs, logistic opportunities and driver availability.  The IT world continues to roll out revolutionary new products that create opportunities for increased efficiency and better customer service every month.  And of course, we face a steady stream on changes in the legal fabric of our industry that dictates how to attract, compensate and retain key talent in your business.  All of this is happening while you are trying to run your dealership. It makes the challenge of profitably growing your business even greater.  We at KEA Advisors have had several interesting discussions with clients about the fast-paced, ever-changing environment that we are operating in today, and in these discussions one thing has become clear.  Most dealers do not have a forum they can participate in to better understand emerging industry trends, and how these trends will impact the future of their business. After some thoughtful reflection KEA Advisors decided this was the time to change that dynamic.

KEA Advisors has one central purpose.  To add value to our clients and their bottom line. We do this by hiring respected personnel with the experience and perspective to understand each of our clients’ unique business circumstances.  And we complement our internal resources with the most capable business partners in the industry.  We have engaged many of these partners to develop an agenda that was compelling to our dealer clients.  In this process, we have assembled a list of strategic issues that we will be considering in our upcoming “KEA Leader Forum.”  These issues include:

  • Absorption – now more than ever.  Where do I need to be to have a sustainable business?

  • Tax law.  How will Washington approach taxes and what impact will this have on my business?

  • Accounting regulations.  What is on the horizon and should I be concerned?

  • Labor law.  How is the California mandate going to impact my for-hire carriers? 

  • When will the graying “boomers” give way to the millennials?  What do I need to do to get ready?

  • Is “Big Data” a big deal?  When will I have a business system that will address my ERP needs?

  • Franchise consolidation.  What does the dealer of the future look like? 


We are inviting a limited number of dealers to attend the inaugural “KEA Leader Forum.”  Attendance will be by invitation only.