Were you were caught off guard in 2019 by the magnitude of the pricing correction we observed in several used truck product segments?   Do you know what the key drivers of prosperity are in the North American used truck business?  Have you considered how these factors will impact the profitability of your used truck business in 2020?  KEA Advisors has recently published our sixth North American Used Truck Industry forecast for 2020.  This document will help you assess the industry forces that will drive sales and used truck values in the coming year.  And it will provide the foundation for managing investment positions and risk that will enable your financial success in 2020.  Want a clear, concise understanding of what direction the used truck market will be heading in 2020?  Buy now to get your copy!


Included with your payment is the following:

  • The KEA 2020 Used Truck Industry Forecast report.  This document is a summary of what you can expect to see in the Used Truck industry in 2020 including predicted price trends by sector.
  • A presentation that develops how the four key used truck industry “drivers” are positioned to impact used truck supply and demand in 2020.
  • A 60-minute video call to explain the KEA Advisors 2020 Used Truck Industry forecast for you and an unlimited number of participants from your dealership.  Questions will be answered.
  • On-going 2020 used truck market intelligence support including 12 monthly Used Truck Market Conditions reports and 36 “Snapshot” reports that address specific client valuation issues.
  • Access to the KEA Advisors Valuator tool (for those clients that share used truck sales reports with KEA Advisors.)
  • Three 2020 “Get Out of Jail” valuation request cards.  Putting together a fleet deal?  Want an independent view of how to price and structure your trade package?  Use a KEA Advisors “Get Out of Jail” card and we’ll provide you with the real world used truck sales results that you need to make an informed investment decision.  We’ll also provide you with our insight as to how we would position these used truck values in the broader context of your deal.



2020 Used Truck Industry Forecast

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