Ad-Hoc Consultation with Valerie Woods

Do you have questions or concerns about your dealership system and process? Have a burning problem that needs a solution? Have an idea to bounce off of us?


Consult remotely with Valerie Woods, KEA’s CDK expert, as needed. It’s easy to sign up and get started. For a $600 retainer, you can tap into her expertise easily and quickly.


Valerie can help you:

  • Build reports
  • Customize reports
  • Build set-ups
  • Fast Lane
  • Executive Desktops
  • Replicating reports and set-ups
  • Scheduling reports (if applicable)
  • Trend Analysis
  • Set-up Auditing
  • And more



Ad-Hoc Consultation with Valerie Woods


    Address. 3320 Mesa Way, Ste D Lawrence, KS 66049

    Tel. 785.842.6498

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