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About Us

KEA Advisors helps build business success!

KEA Advisors is based on a solid foundation of business experience and on-going study of trends in industry, best business practices and economics.  KEA Advisors recognizes that the key to success lies in consistently leveraging both your people and processes to maximize results.


Asset management, revenue, and expenses are functions of people's behavior as they operate within your company. Strategies that are capable of generating increased wealth over the long term provide a significant competitive advantage. KEA Advisors guides you in implementing these strategies with tactics that produce continuous improvement, and, ultimately, results that are above industry standard and valuation. 

Partnership with KEA Advisors drives increased PROFIT by creating and executing change that sticks.

  • Be the dominant player in your market

  • Put theory into practice with a back-to-basics approach

  • Solutions developed for your dealership based on proven best practices for your DMS and OE

  • Engage your existing team

  • Integrate all departments with a holistic approach

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