KEA Discoveries are self observations led by our expert advisors. In a discovery we will lead your team to: 

  • Baseline your current situation

  • Identify your performance gaps and the estimated performance impact

  • Investigate and identify root causes of gaps and potential solutions

  • Identify cultural obstacles within your dealership

  • Understand your dealership vision, mission and values

  • Utilize KEA Business Intelligence analytics to illuminate important metrics

Based on the Discovery, a Comprehensive Intervention can be designed for your dealership.


  • Current structure, processes, reports

  • Current financial statements

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Performance gaps

  • PROFIT opportunity


  • Process structure

  • DMS and other IT Utilization


  • Road maps

  • Scorecards and dashboards that support your key results areas

  • Custom reports



KEA Comprehensive Interventions are developed from your self-discovery and KEA's continuous improvement methodology. Your intervention is customized to your dealership needs and includes:

  • Implementation steps, desired outcomes and deliverables 

  • Extensive leadership training to establish a successful change process

  • A defined project schedule and consistent feedback loop between your team and the KEA team to measure and maintain progress of the scope

  • 3+ month intervention, dependent on the scope of work and speed of change to be affected 

  • On-site visits approximately every 1-12 months at the cadence you desire

  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly monitoring, reporting, and remote follow up and conference calls between visits

  • Utilization of KEA Business Intelligence data and analytics to support your project

Based on the Discovery, a Comprehensive Intervention can be designed for your dealership.

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