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KEA Advisors can assist your dealership with:


  • Accounting

  • Leadership

  • Parts

  • Service

  • Strategy

  • Used Trucks


Cash is King – always. Having cash in the bank – now and growing in the future - is always rule 1 with any business. The mission of KEA Advisors is to increase PROFIT for commercial dealerships by transforming their business operations to best in class. The concepts of maximizing total absorption while having an accurate and high velocity balance sheet are our core beliefs.


A relationship with KEA Advisors will increase cash flow now and in the future.

A KEA engagement from start to finish looks like this.

Relationship with KEA.png

Diagnostic Health Check

Our virtual department and dealership Diagnostic Health Checks provide detailed analysis of:

  • gross profit increase

  • expense reduction

  • asset performance improvement

  • reporting

  • waste reduction

  • internal control

Based on the results of the Diagnostic Health Check we will collaborate with you to tailor an assessment specific to your needs and wants.


In a discovery we will lead your team to: 

  • Baseline your current situation

  • Identify your performance gaps and the estimated performance impact

  • Investigate and identify root causes of gaps and potential solutions

  • Identify cultural obstacles within your dealership

  • Understand your dealership vision, mission and values


  • Diagnostics results

  • Current structure, processes, reports

  • Current financial statements

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Performance gaps

  • PROFIT opportunity


  • Process and workflow structure

  • DMS and other IT Utilization

  • Leadership capacity and capability


  • Customized correction


Based on the diagnostic check and assessment, a customized correction will be designed for you.


KEA Corrections are developed from the results of the diagnostic check and assessment. It is customized to your needs and includes:

  • Deliverables and Implementation based on desired outcomes 

  • Extensive operational, change management and leadership education for your team

  • A defined project and expected results schedule along with a consistent feedback loop between your team and KEA  to measure and maintain progress of your project

Preventive Maintenance

Your dealership continues to change during and after a customized Correction. Technologies are updated and personnel come and go. These factors, along with the ever changing market makes continuous improvement imperative. A Preventive Maintenance engagement will maintain and grow the results of the Correction investment.

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