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PULSE: The Dealership Dashboard

PULSE is a cloud-based platform hosted by KEA Advisors. It updates with your dealership data four times throughout the the business day, providing you with current, accessible, actionable data. PULSE also provides the capabilities to set up PULSE Alerts that can ping your email or your mobile anytime a metric falls out of your specified thresholds during an update. 

PULSE provides the tactical data necessary to support Daily Routines and Standard Operating Procedures for the Parts and Service departments. PULSE focuses on industry metrics that drive Procedures for the Parts & Service departments. PULSE focuses on industry metrics that drive gross profit within the fixed ops departments. The streamlined view that the PULSE platform provides, integrating multiple databases from your business systems, will quickly identify outliers in the business and will help identify which areas to focus on and improve. Starting at a high-level overview of each department, PULSE gives quick access to a granular level. This granular view can be used to engage across all levels of the dealership to improve and modify behaviors that impact the business.

You can't control, grow and sustain profitability without a focus on Total Absorption. Total Absorption is controlled by the right Daily Routines built around the right metrics. You can't get better or faster metrics than with PULSE from KEA Advisors. PULSE design is built around the metrics that help to improve your business. 

Turns Data into PROFIT

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