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Success Stories

At KEA Advisors we've helped many clients find success through our innovative business solutions. Our Quick Fix articles offer solutions applicable to your business that can be implemented starting today! Try our trusted advice through our Quick Fixes and see the kind of impact KEA Advisors can have on the PROFIT of your business!

Changing for the Better (and the PROFIT!)

Combining Parts Departments

Consistent Parts Management = PROFIT !

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

Tuning up for High Sales Performance

Setting up for Success 

"With John's help, we have made important changes to the K. Neal management team. K. Neal has also made sweeping changes to how we run our Used Truck Department. The changes we've implemented to various business processes have profound implications for the quality of the products and services that we are delivering to our customers. These changes will also allow us to manage used truck risks more effectively, and to improve the profitability of the Used Truck Department. K. Neal needed a partner that has proven experience dealing with dealership structure issues and process management challenges. KEA has this expertise because they are in dealerships every day, looking at these same issues. Thank you to John and KEA Advisors for your ongoing support!"


-Korey Neal, President of K. Neal Truck and Bus

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KEA Results 

KEA Engagements bring a healthy return on investment

1,781 %

ROI for a Service Intervention performed for a customer

886 %

Average ROI, based on gross profit $ vs KEA Investment


Average Gross Margin Point growth on all service engagements in 2019


Gross Margin Point increase for a KEA Advisors customer


Point increase in first time fill rate and true turns improvement of 1/2+ turn for Parts Inventory Integrity engagement

"KEA Adviosrs has had a positive impact on our business. Our project lead, Bob Ichniowski and his team provided invaluable insight and training. We were also able to partner on a DMS PROFIT Clinic, which provided benefits to our parts operations. Thank you to everyone at KEA Advisors for your ongoing support!"

-James Moody, Bruckner Truck Sales Inc. 

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