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Overview of accounting engagements - Keith/bob/jen to write

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Accounting Intervention

Improve your Accounting Department's efficiency and strengthen internal controls. We will help you identify areas in your Accounting Department, and in the coordination between accounting and other departments in your dealership, that can be functionally streamlined and/or centralized to increase overall dealership efficiency. 

The results of continuous improvement efforts for your Accounting Department circulate throughout the full scope of dealership operations, creating a more functional and effective team. 

An Accounting Engagement includes a customized combination of the following:

  • Rebuilding of chart of accounts

  • Purchase order/accounts payable process flow

  • Accounts Receivable process streamlined

  • Internal and external reporting, financial and other reporting

  • Month-end closing process

  • Building desk manuals

  • Role descriptions and compensation plans

  • Performing Interim CFO duties

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