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Data Architect -Business Intelligence 

Data Architect - Business Intelligence

KEA Advisors is recognized as the thought-leader in the commercial dealership industry, providing management advisory and dealer optimization services to more than 300 commercial truck dealerships since 1996.

The Data Architect: Business Intelligence will drive the development of the KEA Business Intelligence product, service and division. Developing and building systems, tools, and dashboards for data analysis and reporting will be a key function of this role. The Data Architect will work alongside the Data Analyst to determine what, how and where tools should be built.


The ideal candidate should have strong business acumen and be skilled in the following with 5+ years related work experience.

  • Microsoft Excel (can program in Visual Basic if needed, developed macros, pivot tables, etc.)

  • Microsoft Access/SQL

  • Tableau, or other business intel/analytics/database tools


The ideal candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit and ability/desire to grow and lead a division. Being able to work effectively in a group is key to this position.


To apply, please fill out our online application and submit a copy of your resume and cover letter.

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