KEA's continuous improvement methodology gets your teams working towards the same goals.


KEA Discoveries are self observations led by our expert advisors. In a discovery we will lead your team to: 

  • Baseline your current situation

  • Identify your performance gaps and the estimated performance impact

  • Investigate and identify root causes of gaps and potential solutions

  • Identify cultural obstacles within your dealership

  • Understand your dealership vision, mission and values

  • Utilize KEA Business Intelligence analytics to illuminate important metrics

Based on the Discovery, a Comprehensive Intervention can be designed for your dealership.

  • Current structure, processes, reports

  • Current financial statements


  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Performance gaps

  • PROFIT opportunity


  • Process structure

  • DMS and other IT Utilization


  • Road maps

  • Scorecards and dashboards that support your key results areas

  • Custom reports



KEA Comprehensive Interventions are developed from your self-discovery and KEA's continuous improvement methodology. Your intervention is customized to your dealership needs and includes:

  • Implementation steps, desired outcomes and deliverables 

  • Extensive leadership training to establish a successful change process

  • A defined project schedule and consistent feedback loop between your team and the KEA team to measure and maintain progress of the scope

  • 3+ month intervention, dependent on the scope of work and speed of change to be affected 

  • On-site visits approximately every 1-12 months at the cadence you desire

  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly monitoring, reporting, and remote follow up and conference calls between visits

  • Utilization of KEA Business Intelligence data and analytics to support your project

Based on the Discovery, a Comprehensive Intervention can be designed for your dealership.

Total Absorption: A crucial financial number for your dealership

115% Fixed Operations Absorption       Used Truck Efficiency         130% Total Absorption



Fixed Operations

Develop your parts, service and/or body shop departments to best in class. KEA Advisors can work with your team to provide managerial and DMS utilization training; perform Standard Operating Procedure audit, design, and implementation; build compensation structures, role descriptions, and desk manuals; improve expense management; and streamline coordination between departments.

Additionally, these specialized departmental interventions are available: 

  • Repair Order Throughput

  • Triage Process Development

  • Production Management

  • Rate Management

  • Total Job Pricing

  • Warranty Processing

  • Service Advisors Development

  • Repair Order Throughput

  • Scheduling/Estimating/ Authorizations

  • Inventories

  • Production Management

  • Rate Management

  • Total Job Pricing

  • Warranty Processing

  • Service Advisor Development

  • Sales Process

  • Aging Management

  • Demand Management

  • Market Coverage

  • Deal Participation

  • Sales Process

  • Valuation

  • Aging Management

  • Reconditioning Process

  • Demand Management

  • Market Knowledge



Body Shop

New Truck

Used Truck

  • Inventory Integrity

  • Demand Integrity & First Time Fill Rate

  • Core Management

  • Inventory Reconciliation

  • Physical Inventory

  • Stocking Rationalization

  • Pricing Strategies

  • Warehousing and Delivery

  • Marketing & Outside Parts Sales

130% Total Absorption  =  New Truck Pricing Freedom!

Variable Operations

The most significant number in your dealership is Total Absorption. Don't limit yourself to measuring Fixed Absorption, which only takes fixed operations into account. Total Absorption includes your Used Truck department gross in your calculations. Hitting the 130% Total Absorption mark gives your New Truck Sales department leverage to thrive.

Imagine having the freedom to be flexible in pricing a new truck (even for no gross profit), and taking price out of selling equation as much as possible without negatively impacting your overall dealership profitability.

Become the price leader in your market and gain as much market share as possible. Refine your used truck department with our Used Truck Subscriptions and Interventions. The rest of your dealership will thank you. 

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