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Exporting Widgets

You can download widgets in one of the following formats depending on the widget type:

  • CSV: Download the data described by the widget in a CSV file. If you have applied any filters, the filtered data is the data included in the file.

  • Excel: Download the data described by the widget in an Excel file. When you export a pivot table to Excel, the data that is exported is the data that is displayed in your widget. This means that any active filters, layout structure, and masks that you have applied in PULSE to your data are exported as well. For example, if you have modified how currency, percentages, or numbers are formatted in the widget in PULSE, these will be reflected in your exported Excel file. Exporting to Excel maintains your pivot's layout and structure, and values such as sub-totals, which are not maintained when you export a pivot table to CSV.

  • Image: You can download a widget as an image in PNG format. The image size will reflect the size of the widget on the screen when you download it. To create a larger image, enlarge the widget space in the dashboard, or open the widget in edit view, to get a bigger picture.

  • PDF: Download the widget as a PDF. For Table widgets, you can customize how your table is displayed in your PDF including the table's orientation and page size. In the PDF Report Settings, the first 14 pages of your Pivot table are displayed in the preview window, however, when you export your Pivot table to PDF, the entire table is included, up to 10,000 rows on multiple pages. For more information, see Customizing PDF Reports

To download a widget:

  • In dashboard view, click on the widget's menu, and select Download and select the relevant file type.

  • In edit widget view, click on the download icon, and select Download and select the relevant file type.

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