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Accounting Department Self Assessment

Accounting Department Self Assessment

KEA Accounting Self Assessment Guide now available!!!


KEA Advisors wants to help you analyze your current skill set, knowledge of industry standards, DMS usage and evaluate existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


We have developed a Accounting Self Assessment Guide to easily analyze and focus on:

  • Strengths
  • Current Processes and Procedures
  • Opportunities to improve skills
  • Opportunity for growth within your organization
  • Do you have the required skills to successfully perform your current position?


After completing the guide, you will receive a complete analysis with weighted averages per response, a score per each of the nine areas included in the guide, and an overall score.


If you are a CEO, Owner, President or Controller please contact us for a separate Accounting Assessment Guide for your organization so you can receive guide result metrics specific to your company.


Click here to take the Accounting Self Assessment

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