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KEA Financial Analysis

KEA Financial Analysis

With the KEA Financial Analysis, the Business Intelligence team at KEA Advisors analyzes and looks to understand your Gross Profit across each individual department. Then, and only then, do we look into your expenses. Historically, when times get tough, folks focus on cutting expenses. However, time and again, we find that the true opportunity is in Gross Profit and the processes inside departments that lead to this number. Once addressed, expenses often fall into line with benchmarks.


Once the gross profit and processes have been addressed, we can then look to the line item expenses and areas of opportunity within them. Overall, by addressing both gross profit and expense, in that order, our analysis can help your dealership increase Total Absorption. Once the areas of need are identified in detail, they can be addressed with focused SOPs and action plans designed to improve the inputs of the Total Absorption calculation and overall dealership profitability. We also leverage this detailed analysis to prioritize which steps to take first.

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