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Mastering Service Department Pricing

Mastering Service Department Pricing

Mastering Service Department Pricing


Our Advanced Service Management program: Mastering Service Department Pricing focuses on the advanced elements of strategic planning and tools required to effectively market and manage the service department pricing. This includes a focus on improving Effective Labor Rate management and developing competitive market strategies. This course provides a best proactive path for improved pricing management, leadership, and internal communications.


The Mastering Service Department Pricing course will take a deep dive into specific tools and methods of aligning pricing based on your specific market as well as improving gross profits.


The outcomes of participating in this course are:

  • Understand effective labor rates, packaged pricing elements and gross profit margin opportunities
  • Develop establish and manage all service department pricing elements
  • Learn methods to uncover additional departmental gross and/or net profits
  • Create effective service menus
  • Understand and customize Karmak reports tied to the key drivers and opportunities at your specific dealership
  • Leadership methods that drive change and manage your department culture
  • Better information to make better decisions



  • Basic service department management training or experience
  • Basic Karmak operation knowledge


  • Eight sessions
  • August 9th,11th, 23rd & 25th, 2022
  • 10am – 12pm CT and 2pm – 4pm CT daily

Instructors: Mark Martincic and Paul Reynolds

Recommended for: Service Managers, Assistant Service Managers, and Fixed Operations Directors

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