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Strategy Discovery

KEA Advisors Strategic/Leadership Assessments are designed to identify areas in your dealership where a solid strategic planning process is needed. We educate your executives and their teams around our operating model to drive change and affect culture. We help your team set clear goals to establish those critical internal communication links and tools to achieve best in class performance. We take a deep dive into your organizational structure and strategic planning and budgeting models. Additionally, we advise on how effective leadership training can facilitate change and produce the desired results you want to achieve. We then blend it with your unique operational structure to develop a short and long-term strategic framework for your dealership that is consistent among all locations. 

Our strategic engagements use a top down approach starting with the executive team and the mission that ties to the goals of the company and stakeholders. Setting specific high level KRAs (Key Result Areas) that are supported by more detailed KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), sets the foundation for the strategic planning process. Around this process we build other tools for success such as a formalized budgeting process, expense control programs, and on-going leadership training. 

Every dealership can distinguish itself through operational excellence. The way leaders leverage their people, structure, and communication separates an average dealer from best in class. 

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Our Strategic/Leadership Assessments are focused on understanding your people, your dealership, your market and your potential customers to maximize total dealership PROFIT. At the conclusion of a strategic assessment we will have established the following:

  • Who will own the strategic planning process and what are the next steps. 

  • The need to effect a cultural change to achieve the desired results.

  • What KEA can do to help you get to those results. 

  • Critical components of leadership and communication.

  • How the team will be brought into, and bought into, the value of this process

The assessment process can be uncomfortable at times, as you are trying to change culture and have people think outside of engrained habits. It requires a strong and committed leadership from the executive team and their groups to work with us during this engagement. 

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