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Tech Time & Payroll Exploration (TTPE) To properly track your technician’s time and reconcile with payroll, you had to pull many reports from various locations and manually combine and analyze. Now, with KEA Advisors’ Tech Time & Payroll Exploration, you will have an instant analysis of each technicians' details.


This will allow you to evaluate how time is spent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. TTPE is a compilation of any or all of your locations and techs into one consolidated report.


TTPE Benefits:


  • Exploration of hours by:

    • Available

    • Indirect

    • Working

    • Diagnostic time

    • Vacation

    • Training

    • Sick Time...and more

  • Notates the exact moment daily or per payroll period when a tech goes into overtime and calculates the overtime

  • Ability to upload into most payroll systems

  • Gives a concise payroll report with easy analysis

  • Easy analysis of adjusted time

  • Customized to dealership and payroll requirements

  • Eliminates need for reconciliation between payroll and technician time posted in service 

  • Saves a minimum of 15 hours per week per location


Tech Time & Payroll Exploration

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