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Used Truck Intel

Basic Used Truck Intelligence: 

This subscription keeps your dealership informed about what is REALLY going on in the used truck market, from macro-economic trends to value changes in individual components. It also gives you unlimited access to KEA Used Truck Valuation support, backed by the largest and most detailed database of sales observations in the industry.

Used Truck Intelligence Subscription

  • Contributing dealers: $1,195/year

  • Non-contributing dealers: $2,250/year

Comprehensive Used Truck Intelligence: 

Answers the big questions every truck dealership leader should be asking themselves about their used truck department. Every month you send us your sales results and your current inventory. We look at your sales results and compare them against our dataset to determine where you under-preformed and over-performed in the market. Then we take your current inventory levels, measure your investment and aging to determine where your greatest risk lies, and help devise a plan to address it quickly. Finally, we measure your KPIs against our proven operating model to assess the health of your business and make sure we don't have any big issues on the horizon. 

Used Truck Intelligence Subscription + Monthly Phone Call

  • $2,000/month

Strategic Used Truck Discovery:

Ensures your used truck department has a "true north" for operational decisions, orients team members around our "5 pillars" operating model, and sets clear goals to dominate your defined market space. We take a deep dive into your local market and understand the forces that drive the economy of your customers. Then we match it against your unique operational capacities to develop a strategic framework for your dealership. 

Used Truck Intelligence Subscription + Quarterly 3 Day Visit + Monthly Phone Call

  • Pricing dependent on dealership

Used Truck Comprehensive Intervention: 

Comprehensive interventions are designed to pull your department out of a crisis. This covers an array of situations, and if you're facing what you consider a crisis, we'd encourage you to pick up the phone and let's talk about how we can help. 

Used Truck Intelligence Subscription + Monthly On-Site Visits + Remote Support as Needed

  • Pricing dependent on dealership


Questions about the service and how it works?

Give John Whitnell a call (630)-561-6922, or contact him via email at

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