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Managing Tiles In PULSE Alerts

This topic describes how to manage your PULSE tiles and notifications when an alert is triggered. After you have created alerts or added tiles to PULSE, you can manage those tiles from PULSE Alerts. Through the PULSE page, you can duplicate alerts and modify them, disable notifications, and delete alerts.

Duplicating Tiles in PULSE Alerts

You can create copies of alerts and modify them to quickly generate new alerts with different notification messages or notify various groups across separate channels. 

To duplicate a tile:

1. In the PULSE web application, select Pulse 

select pulse.png

2. In the relevant alert's menu, select Duplicate. A copy of the alert is created and the Add to Pulse Window is displayed.


You can modify the alert's settings from the Add to Pulse window. For more information about these settings, click here

Deactivating Your Notifications

1. Select the Pulse tab at the top of your screen.

2. From the Tile menu of the relevant alert, toggle Receive Notifications.


Deleting Tiles in PULSE 

When a tile is no longer needed, you can delete the tile through the PULSE Alerts page. Deleting an alert removes it from the PULSE page and users are no longer notified. 

To delete an alert:

1. Select Pulse.

2. In the relevant alert's menu, select Delete.

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