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Mack and Volvo Certified

Uptime Dealership Strategic Excellence Alliance

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Mack and Volvo, and KEA Advisors invite you to participate in the inaugural group of our new Certified Uptime Dealership Strategic Excellence Alliance. KEA Advisors and Mack and Volvo have partnered to bring you the first Certified Uptime Dealership Strategic Excellence Alliance. This Alliance will hold conferences monthly, along with bi-annual live meetings to help bring your organization results that align with Mack and Volvo key measures and your specific dealership initiatives for certified uptime. The program is led by Mark Martincic of KEA Advisors. KEA Advisors is an integrated and experienced team of thought leaders in the commercial dealership industry, providing full service business advisory across three decades for more than 375 commercial enterprises, manufacturers, dealerships, and dealership technology companies since 1996.



Participation in this program will help you to enhance the standard processes of CUD to drive further throughput and profitability, and will drive continuous improvement of your service process around throughput metrics backed by profitability.  More importantly you will have the opportunity to learn from other top performers in your group. Peer group coaching will support your efforts to improve your CUD efforts, business metrics, enhance customer retention, and transform your dealership service departmental culture. See positive financial results, improvements in throughput, improved client retention, and learn continuous improvement habits that carry into your dealership culture.


Who should attend?

Your leader and champion of your Certified Uptime and continuous improvement efforts. This is a person in your organization who facilitates continuous improvement, has the authority to manage accountability, manages reporting, trains and coaches department managers on audits and uptime, completing and posting the continuous events and self-assessments, setting up a communication board, creating action plans, and using metrics to improve. This person has the responsibility and authority to affect change.


What is it?

This is an ongoing operational and process-focused group that has one main thing in common: continuous improvement of specific Mack and Volvo service department and CUD measures are the priority and should drive a better customer experience. Our monthly conference calls will entail actionable output and accountability from your advisor, Mark Martincic, who will teach and study results with you and hold regular meetings to discuss and improve from an operational standpoint.


Time Commitment

This program requires a significant time commitment for continuous improvement efforts based on your initiatives and action plans. Along with daily engagement on our group forum, we will hold monthly phone calls and two live annual meetings.


What is the monthly fee and what does it cover?

The monthly fee of $591.00 per month plus a onetime $1,000.00 non-refundable set up fee covers data gathering, reporting, meeting facilitation, database administration, follow up and ongoing communications. Fees do not include costs related to semi-annual meetings. 


First Meeting:

March 24-25, 2020 in Greensboro, NC. 

Program Participation Rules

To reduce conflicts of interest by having competing dealerships in the same group, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

If your location is within 100 miles of another dealer group’s currently enrolled location, you may not join the Alliance.

Even if there is no overlap of locations, we will review applicants for any potential conflicts of interest or market competition. We will notify the new registrant first, and if they would like to pursue membership in the group, we will allow the currently enrolled registrant first right of refusal.


About Your Instructor

Mark is the Advisor Emeritus for KEA Advisors. Mark specializes in dealership service and body shop performance improvement, specifically in solutions and training for increasing customer retention and profits. Mark enjoys servicing as an instructor for ATD Academy and national trade organizations. He has over 50 years of service and body shop department operations experience, with 28+ years of advisory experience working with dealerships and independent shops. 

"Focus on the metrics that matter to your customers. Those metrics drive the dealership metrics we already pay attention to."

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